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At SYNLawn, we know that pet lovers are very concerned with the well-being, safety, and cleanliness of their companions. For this reason, we have dedicated research and development toward designing pet turf systems that accommodate the needs of both pets and pet owners. San Francisco synthetic turf for dogs is designed to prevent holes, increase sanitation, and remain luxurious year-round. Santa Rosa pet grass is lush and vibrant and offers unmatched stain and odor resistance. We are confident we can find the right solution to satisfy your landscape designs.

Our pet turf systems are incredibly realistic, remarkably durable, and environmentally friendly. They do not require traditional maintenance, allowing you to leave behind mowing, watering, and fertilizing. You can save up to 70% on your water bill and eliminate carbon emissions from gas-powered lawn equipment. Say goodbye to costly repairs, muddy paws in the winter and during rainy seasons, fleas, and ticks.

The Safest, Cleanest, and Most Advanced Pet Turf Systems

Now and again, our furry friends find themselves in messy situations. Fortunately, SYNLawn offers a variety of innovations that can help them, and your home stay clean. Our exclusive Super Yarn™ technology includes the highly effective Sanitized® antimicrobial. Sanitized® actively destroys up to 99% of bacteria on surfaces and prevents algae and fungal growth. We also utilize the Envirofill® infill system. Envirofill® is an acrylic sand infill that controls stains and odors caused by the ammonia in pet waste. So, your luxury lawn will always be fresh and ready for use.

Accidental pet grass also includes our very own EnviroLoc+™ backing system and SuperDrain+™ technology. EnviroLoc+ is our two-part woven backing system that locks in turf fibers to prevent shedding and increase the longevity of your landscape. It combines its porous body and SuperDrain+ technology to provide a maximum drainage rate of up to 1,200 inches per hour. This allows your landscape to drain 40 times more than the highest recorded rainfall in the US when coming into contact with liquids of any kind.

During the summer, we know how difficult it can be to stay comfortable in the sun. Surfaces, including artificial grass, can absorb heat and become hot enough to burn your pet’s paws. Fortunately, we are happy to include another one of our exclusive advancements, HeatBlock™ technology. HeatBlock combats thermal emissivity to prevent heat build-up. As a result, our synthetic pet turf is scientifically proven to remain up to 20% cooler than any other grass alternative on the market.

Dog laying on artificial grass lawn installed by SYNLawn

The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Northern California Pet Turf

SYNLawn is the first and only provider of plant and bio-based artificial grass and pet turf. We are dedicated to creating sustainable solutions for natural grass that last a lifetime with minimal effort. We make this possible with the help of American soy farmers. With them, we locally source renewable soybeans and sugar cane to replace more than 60% of petroleum-based components in our manufacturing. We manufacture Santa Rosa pet grass at our ISO 9001-certified facility in Dalton, GA. It is here that we can ensure our quality expectations are met as well as environmental standards. We are happy to provide turf solutions that help conserve thousands of gallons of water, significantly reduce carbon emissions, and prevent our products from ending their journey in a local landfill.


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Northern California artificial turf is the result of more than 50 years of research and development. We provide the highest-quality synthetic turf with affordable payment options to accommodate everyone’s budget. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to work on large-scale installations from start to finish, and we back our turf with an unmatched warranty. Our team of highly trained installers will meticulously install your luxury lawn and won’t be happy with the job until you are. For more information, contact SYNLawn NorCal today to schedule your free consultation!