SYNLawn Product Advisory – Low-E Window Reflective Glares

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While windows provide some of the greatest views of your SYNLawn, they can also contribute a major source of heat to your lawn. We advise our clients if they have any Low-E windows to either install a screen or 3M branded window tint to reduce the glare and prevent turf melt. At 175° – 200° F, artificial grass can melt per our SYNLawn Product Advisory.

A great test to see if you have any strong window glares, that might create an issue for your future SYNLawn, would be to lay a plastic trash bag where the glare might be strongest at any point in the day. If the plastic bag melts it would be advised to go with the recommended solutions of treating your window.

However, while you may be doing your due diligence in preventing window melts from your own windows, neighboring windows can also create strong reflective glares. We recommend looking around areas that your neighboring windows might be creating any glares toward, and to repeat the same test to ensure your SYNLawn will be able to withstand.

If you notice your neighbor’s windows creating a strong reflect glare in your yard, this might be a good opportunity to take them out for dinner to get to know them better and discuss them potentially installing a screen on their window to allow a safe space for your SYNLawn.

We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your SYNLawn installation project and review any windows near the site with you, to get you pointed in the right direction for testing any areas, on your own, that you might be concerned about. For further info, please contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule a free estimate appointment.